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Newburyport 250th: Some lessons on a city schools' history

Editor’s note: This year a city is watching a 250th anniversary, and The Daily News has launched a array focusing on facets of a community’s prolonged and colorful history.

Today we concentration on open schools, that have been a durable and profitable establishment in this village for many years.

NEWBURYPORT — This city has a prolonged story of educating a youngsters, and one conspicuous thesis over a decades has been that tiny schools have given approach to larger, better-equipped structures that can yield new approaches to education.

That story is personification out in a benefaction day. For instance, a Brown School (1923) will

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Top 10 Jobs For 2014

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If we are uncertain of what we wish to be when we grow adult — and presumption that you’ll be grown adult be after this year — we competence wish to be a program developer (programmer).

According to US News, it’s a Number One pursuit for 2014. Here’s a list of a tip ten:

1. Software Developer

Software developers make, on average, some-more than $90,000 per year. The work is meaningful, engaging and affects

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Globe in Kiev: In Ukraine, crime is a fact of daily life

When Lina Ratushnyi headed to a sanatorium in Kiev to have her children, she knew she would have to start backing some pockets.

First there would be $1,000 for a doctor, usually to broach a baby. She’d also have to come adult with a decent volume for a nursing group and afterwards buy boxes of medicine she didn’t need. Where did a income go? “Into their pockets,” pronounced Ms. Ratushnyi, a 42-year-old business consultant in Kiev who has 3 children.


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“I’d rather live in a city that literally fell down than come home”

Ireland’s 20-something race has declined by scarcely a entertain in a final 5 years.

Over a final few weeks, we have discussed a impact this has had on Ireland. But what about those abroad?

We asked some emigrants a following questions:

1) How do we see Ireland given we left?

2) Do we devise on entrance home?

3) What would make Ireland some-more appealing to come behind to?

The early formula are sincerely stark.

Down under

Matt* left Ireland for Melbourne around dual years ago. He had nobody watchful on a other side of a universe when he and his partner left after he was

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SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Private jet for Edward and Sophie

Sebastian Shakespeare

20:40 EST, 19 Feb 2014


17:45 EST, 20 Feb 2014

Prince William flew on a bill airline easyJet when he and Kate returned from their final ski outing in a Alps.

But his uncle Prince Edward and aunt Sophie cite to transport tycoon-style — this week, a Earl and Countess of Wessex arrived by private jet during St Moritz in Switzerland.

While a Royal Family have been urged to use scheduled flights to save income and revoke their

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16 Great Jobs That Pay $90K or More

In some professions, creation ends accommodate will be easier. From a list of a 100 Best Jobs, here are occupations that offer an normal income of $90,000 or more.

1. Physician Average Salary: $191,520

Not all M.D.s are rolling in dough, though many aren’t strapped for cash, either. Pay varies by specialty, experience, plcae and even personality, and a waver stretches from orthopedic surgeons (at a high finish with a median income of $428,361 in 2012, according to, down to pediatricians (who a BLS reports warranted a median income of $154,650

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The Best Jobs in a U.S. Aren't a Ones You'd Expect

What did we wish to be when we grew up? Well, unless we were into tech or health caring as a child, that pursuit substantially isn’t in during a tip of U.S. News’s list of a 100 Best Jobs of 2014.

The list takes into comment practice opportunities, salary, work-life change and pursuit security. Some sectors fit a check some-more than others—nearly 40 percent of a tip 100 are health-care jobs. In a end, many of a careers that surfaced a list weren’t accurately what we would expect.


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“Let a lady in your life, / And we entice almighty strife,” That’s carried from a strain in a 1956 Broadway pound hit: “My Fair Lady”. Prof. Henry Higgins gives debate lessons to Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower girl, so she could cover-up as a well-born lady.

So, did afterwards Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile entice dispute in his choice of Atty. Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes to offer as his arch of staff? She quit after a controversy

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Former Abilene dentist condemned in false-claims case

In further to 18 months in sovereign prison, Truong was condemned to compensate Kool Smiles scarcely $58,000 in restitution.

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Student Achievement Scores Doubled, Enrollment Up, Graduation Rate Up, Thanks to The Montgomery County Links …

We have now achieved 100 percent education from final year’s sitting of a Grade 4 Literacy Test. This is great, good news! -Onex Bowen, Mt. Zion Principal

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) Feb 04, 2014

A board on a Mt. Zion Primary School will be denounced during a rite Feb 6th, honoring a special organisation between dual chapters of The Links, Incorporated (USA) and a Mt. Zion Primary School in James

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