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Aurora Family Dentistry Announces Relocation of Aurora, Colorado Office

V. Landon Blatter, DMD

It will assistance the patients’ knowledge be all they design from a 21st century dental office.

Aurora, CO (PRWEB) Aug 11, 2013

Aurora Family Dentistry in Aurora, CO is relocating to 13700 East Colfax Ave. Unit M, Aurora, CO 80011. The new office, opening in October, will underline 4 diagnosis bedrooms in 1800 block feet of space and will embody new dental chairs, new apparatus and a

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Leader in Mexico Dental Tourism Unveils New State-of-the Art Facility in Cancun

CANCUN, Mexico, Jun 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, a personality in dental tourism, announced a grand opening of a new state-of-the-art, technologically modernized hospital with Cancun dentists who offer a ultimate multiple of cosmetic enhancements in a ideal sourroundings for a lush vacation getaway. The new facility, nestled in a heart of a Caribbean and surrounded by white silt beaches, shimmering blue waters, and five-star resorts is mainly located in a upscale Malecon Americas Mall.


To accommodate skyrocketing final of a American and Canadian customers seeking equally qualified

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Dr. Joe Dentistry Announces Their Grand Opening Party

(PRWEB) Jun 23, 2013

Dr. Joe Dentistry is throwing a grand opening celebration Thursday, 6-27-13 from 5pm to 8pm to acquire existent and new patients comparison to their new dental bureau located in Torrance, Los Angeles.

This will be an activity-packed, well-attended eventuality that will yield Dr. Joe, his staff and their patients (who are tenderly referred to as guests) with a event to accommodate and mingle.

Dr. Joe has announced that there will be interrelated food, drinks and esteem giveaways including present cards, money and an Apple

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Value Added: Baltimore businessman is during home with dental chairs and drills

At 31, a Baltimore businessman has built a scarcely $40 million business by offered things to a teeth doctors, from a feared cavalcade pieces that whirrrrr mercilessly into your molars — we know that sound — to a paper bibs throwing a drool slopping uncontrollably from your impassive mouth.

Makes me shudder only to write about it.

Charnowitz has upended a normal indication of a dental supply business. “What we’ve finished is taken a business that was finished a aged way, where companies send sales member to a dentist bureau to take orders, and we grown a indication built essentially on telesales,”

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Ajman: Conference on value in verbal and dental health during GMU

Media Release

Ajman, Apr 26: The college of dentistry, Gulf Medical University (GMU) is one of a heading dental schools in a segment imparting high peculiarity education. The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) module aims to foster dental preparation and raise dental use by a extended spectrum of knowledge, simulations and clinical practice.

It aims to ready a era of ubiquitous dental practitioners with clinical competency, possessing a knowledge, skills, and values to start a use of ubiquitous dentistry portion UAE adults or during any other geographic plcae of their choice.

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Mobile dentistry hospital adds vehicle, will make Tulsa stop Friday

A new car has been combined to a mobile dentistry hospital module portion people in Oklahoma who are uninsured or competence not differently have entrance to dental care.

MobileSmiles Oklahoma will have a new car in Tulsa for a initial time Friday for a hospital during Guts Church.

The 37-foot car with dual dental chairs began portion clients in February. It is wheelchair accessible, distinct a aged vehicle, and has all all one would routinely see in a dentist’s office, including a ability to take and routine X-rays.

“We’ve had a existent section given 2006, and it’s been removing some wear

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A new hospital run by Nova Southeastern University trains dentistry residents to provide people with special needs

Mornings with Drs. Steve Ellen and Diane Ede-Nichols during Nova Southeastern University’s atmospheric new dental hospital in North Miami Beach start as they did in their former Davie apartment — with rounds.

They listen as 5 residents news their studious loads for a day in a litany of slight dental procedures, for clients who are anything but:

“Francine, intelligent palsy, for a cleaning.”

“Michael, autism, for an orthodonture consult.”

“Patricia 50, schizophrenic with SIB, for a cleaning.”

SIB stands for self-injurious behavior.


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Layfield Law Firm Sues Walmart, Claims Company Stole Dental Office Idea

The Layfield Law Firm has filed a polite lawsuit opposite Wal-Mart. The filing claims that a large box tradesman launched a set of low-cost dental offices after sealing a thought from Dr. Kianor Shah.

According to a lawsuit filings:

“Dr. Shah pitched a thought to Wal-Mart, who committed to put-into-action his clinics; however, Defendant Wal-Mart reverted behind saying that it was no longer meddlesome in carrying dental clinics inside their sell stores. Plaintiff alleges that Wal-Mart common Dr. Shah’s tender for a dental clinics with associate Defendants Kent Reeves, former Wal-Mart VP of New Business Development, and Ken Antos, a long-term restaurant

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Dentist’s fit drills Walmart on hospital idea

Dealing with Walmart is a lot like a base canal: dear and painful.

That’s from a lawsuit filed by Kianor Shah, a California dentist who is accusing a sell hulk and one of the former execs of ripping off his thought to open bonus dental clinics inside the large box stores.

Shah is suing Walmart; the former clamp boss of new business development, Kent Reeves; and Reeve’s business

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NSU's special-needs dental hospital leaves Davie

Think you’re frightened of a dentist? Imagine how unsettling all that poking and prodding around with pointy instruments can be for someone with physical, developmental or mental disabilities.

The folks during Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine did some-more than imagine. They non-stop a Special Needs Dentistry hospital that over a past decade has treated thousands of patients with serious disabilities, who need some-more specialized courtesy than many unchanging dental offices can accommodate.

The need is so clever that a clinic, now in the 10th year, has had to pierce into bigger, some-more complicated digs, relocating from the 450-square-foot bureau in

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