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Trice's passion for dentistry still clever after 60 years

Dr. William Trice finished his use in a U.S. Navy with usually one suspicion in mind — to turn a dentist.

Decades later, a Millcreek Township proprietor is doing accurately what he dictated to do as he approaches his 90th birthday in January. Trice has been practicing dentistry for 60 years, including a past 5 decades in a same Peach Street office, and with his daughter, Dr. Angela Borgia, during his side for a past 32 years.

“I suffer doing what we do,” Trice said. “I suffer a whole ambience of learning, stability my preparation (and) a mindfulness one has in treating

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Newsmaker: Dr. Charles Frye

Dr. Charles Frye of Dentonics Inc. in Allison Park recently perceived a Academy of General Dentistry Fellowship Award. His approval came after finishing 500 hours of ongoing dental education, receiving 3 years of AGD membership and flitting a extensive exam.

Age: 48

Residence: Gibsonia

Family: wife, Robin; children, Charles, Julia and Evan.

Education: Bachelor grade in biology from Elizabethtown College; University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, 1992.

Background: After graduating from Pitt’s dentistry school, Frye served 3 years in a U.S. Air Force to finish his residency.

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UM hospital offers merciful dental caring to HIV/AIDS patients

When his private dentist upheld away, Henry Yeakel fast searched for a new dental home. While some competence have thumbed by a phone book to find a closest provider, Yeakel didn’t have that luxury. He indispensable a dentist who could support to his singular dental needs.

“My teeth were crisp and violation and descending apart,” pronounced Yeakel, who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1997. “I theory all a remedy we was on substantially broken my teeth.”

It used to take Yeakel some-more than 30 mins to finish his daily fast of medication, that consisted of 32 pills twice a day.

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A lifetime of memories

Being a son of a dentist was not a reason because we chose this profession. we practical for both medicine and dentistry after my pre-degree and got acknowledgment for a latter. In fact, my father, Kuttan Pillai, belongs to that epoch when there was no grave march for medical practitioners. They worked as apprentices of comparison doctors who had performed their medical degrees from outward Kerala. He did his tutelage in dentistry during Chirayankeezhu, substantially in a 1940s, during a finish of that he became a approved dentist.

When a Government Dental College was started in 1959, the

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Something to grin about: Annual giveaway ‘Care Day’

Leanne Lopez hadn’t been to a dentist in 20 years – until Tuesday, when she sought out giveaway dental services offering by Comfort Dental as partial of a company’s annual “Care Day.” (Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal)

Leanne Lopez doesn’t smile. Hasn’t in years.

The 57-year-old Albuquerque lady is too mortified about her front teeth.

“When we was 25, we got kick adult in a ritual-type thing by 13 guys in a biker squad and they burst a garland of my front teeth,” she said. “I got a teeth capped, though over a years a teeth eroded and a caps fell off.

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Local Dentist in Kelowna Graduates From a Prestigious Kois Center

Dr. Andrew Macdonnell – Advance Dental Group – Kelowna, BC

The training that we perceived during a Kois Center has remade a approach we practice. My ability to yield my patients with long-term dental health solutions has been severely enhanced.

Kelowna, BC (PRWEB) Dec 26, 2013

Dr. Andrew Macdonnell, a Kelowna dentist, finished a extensive stability dental preparation module offering by a Kois Center located in Seattle,

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West Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Poneh Ghasri, is Now Offering a Christmas Teeth Whitening Special

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A splendid grin can light adult an whole room or simply make a good initial impression. Dr. Poneh Ghasri, West Hollywood dentist, is now charity a Christmas teeth whitening special to assistance patients get brighter, whiter smiles. Teeth whitening is one of a fastest, easiest ways to boost a smile. It can be used to discharge common stains from coffee, tea and booze as good as age-related discolorations.

About Dr. Poneh Ghasri DDS, Dentist West Hollywood

Dr. Poneh Ghasri, West Hollywood teeth

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4S Ranch Dentist Recommends Smile Beautification to Brighten Your New Year

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — New Year’s resolutions mostly tumble into one of dual categories – goals for bettering oneself, and skeleton for assisting others. Both are critical aspects of a delighted and cultivatable life, and in many cases, they don’t have to be jointly exclusive. In fact, we can lighten a day of everybody we accommodate while still enhancing a peculiarity of your possess life simply by flashing a beautiful, frank smile. Fortunately for those in and around Rancho Bernardo, dentist Reza Hekmat D.M.D. is on palm to yield world-class

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Avoid a Post-Holiday Doldrums with a Stunning Smile from Hamlin Dental Group

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Part of a fun of commencement a new year is a clarity of reinvigoration it brings, quite among adults who have seen environmental factors and a effects of aging reduce their once-radiant smiles. At Hamlin Dental Group, a dentists that are eminent for their regressive proceed are equally gifted during behaving thespian and rejuvenating cosmetic procedures that embody a dental fastening Los Angeles residents trust. As a premier cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Hamlin Dental Group provides dental implants, teeth whitening and even full

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For military, advantages and remodel are challenge

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has pronounced reforms in troops remuneration can’t be avoided.

“We all know that we need to delayed cost expansion in troops compensation,” Hagel told a Pentagon news discussion final week. “We know that many proposals will be argumentative and unpopular. . . . Tough decisions will have to be made.”

In an epoch of parsimonious budgets, crew costs now make adult scarcely half of a Pentagon’s funding, and officials fear continued expansion will force jagged cuts in other areas, such as training and equipment. Health costs alone have skyrocketed scarcely 200 percent given a year 2000 and will balloon further

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