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West Greenwich Veterinarian Stresses Importance of Good Pet Dental Health

WEST GREENWICH, R.I., Jul 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Up to two-thirds of cats and dogs have some form of resin or dental disease. Most pet owners are not even wakeful of this situation, warns Dr. Ralph Pratt DVM and a group of veterinarians with West Greenwich Animal Hospital in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Left untreated, resin and tooth illness in dogs and cats can means pain, lead pets to have problem eating and eventually means kidney disaster and death. Dr. Pratt says, “Good pet dental caring needs to be a partial of each pet wellness

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WVU holding on W.Va.s dental problems

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The School of Dentistry during West Virginia University has set an desirous goal: to rise a investigate module that can sufficient residence a dental illness that runs prevalent by West Virginia.

Thousands of people opposite a Mountain State have ebbing teeth, bad gums and verbal cancer. Dental illness has turn endemic.

West Virginia now has one of a lowest dentist-to-patient ratios national and a top rate of patients who are totally toothless, according to Richard Jurevic, conduct of a investigate group at

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Charley Walters: Minnesota Vikings' reward add-on for tip picks is $12M

The Vikings spent scarcely $12 million in bonuses in signing their 3 first-round breeze picks this year.

Sharrif Floyd, a team’s tip breeze collect and No. 23 overall, perceived a signing reward of $4,254,600 with a first-year income of $405,000.

As partial of his four-year contract, a defensive tackle from Florida also will accept a $465,000 register reward in 2016. The register reward is to be paid if Floyd is on a 53-player register entrance out of training camp.

Floyd’s bottom salaries will be $772,100 in 2014, $1,139,200 (2015) and $941,300 (2016).

The Vikings’ second first-round breeze pick

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