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Mother of teen who died after dental medicine advocates for dental safety

The mom of a Howard County teen who died after dental medicine wants to see all pediatric dental procedures that use ubiquitous anesthesia take place in hospitals someday.

But for now, Cathy Garger hopes to strew light on dangers surrounding slight dental visits that she believes led to a genocide of her daughter, 17-year-old Jennifer Michelle “Jenny” Olenick, and other pediatric patients. Olenick, a youth during Marriotts Ridge High School, died in Apr 2011, 10 days after losing oxygen during a knowledge tooth descent procession during an verbal surgeon’s Columbia office.

“I had never listened of anything going wrong in a dentist’s

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Area dentist receives assent to use IV pain-killer on patients

Many people put off dental appointments for 5 to 10 years, risking critical long-term repairs to their gums and teeth. Concerned by this trend, Dr. David Painter, 52, says he is a initial ubiquitous dentist in northeast Indiana to have his sedation dentistry permit.

Seeing too many people with avoidable base canals, cavities, and need for physic work, Painter hopes that charity IV sedation as a pain torpedo will get some-more patients to make a biannual outing to a dentist.

The assent came only in time for a proclamation of his second bureau with dual practices, Union Chapel Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry

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