Ex-CSUS boss due large on former Turlock home

In commendatory a “short sale” this month, a bank reportedly concluded to accept almost reduction than what Shirvani due on his mortgage.

Short sales have turn increasingly common a past integrate of years as a approach for banks to equivocate foreclosures while permitting homeowners with inverted mortgages to sell their homes. Homeowners who wish to sell brief customarily are compulsory to write a hardship minute that explains because they can't means to continue profitable their debt and need a bank to accept reduction than it’s owed.

Shirvani left Turlock final year to turn chancellor of a North Dakota university system. The Bee

Article source: http://www.modbee.com/2013/03/30/2646705/shirvani-owed-big-on-home-he-sold.html

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