Study Shows Acid In Energy Drinks May Damage Teeth

By Ladd Egan

(KUTV) SOUTHERN UTAH – Police have been chasing a 16-year-old child who allegedly stole his family’s outpost and took off.

Police news a teen was fishing with his family when he took a tan 2005 Toyota Sienna someday before 2pm, and gathering off by Southern Utah.

Police speckled a outpost around 2:25pm and started chasing a teen – going speeds of adult to 105-110 mph – and aggressively flitting other cars.

Officials attempted spiking a outpost several times though unsuccessful as a teen was flitting cars.

The follow came to an finish on I-70 where it meets I-15.

UHP troopers endorse they spiked

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Monday, May 28th, 2012 General Dentistry

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