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Welcoming new dentists from around a world

Among a Faculty of Dentistry’s 100th graduating category will be 9 students in a alloy of dental medicine subordinate module — Canadian adults or permanent residents who graduated from a non-accredited dentistry module in another country, and returned to propagandize to ascent their certification so they can work in North America.

Noorein Hajira is one such student. She’s creatively from India and binds a bachelor of dental medicine from a Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences. She became a permanent proprietor in 2009.

Ms. Hajira was enrolled in a master’s in village health and epidemiology during Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine when she decided

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UCSF School of Dentistry Successfully Concludes 2012 Accreditation Process

Preliminary conclusions of a American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) tell a certain story about a UCSF School of Dentistry in a 131st year.

UCSF School of Dentistry expertise and staff applaud a school’s accreditation during a new city gymnasium assembly on a Parnassus campus.

At a finish of a self-study process, a CODA site revisit group found that a UCSF School of Dentistry is in correspondence with all a predoctoral standards, and a post-graduate module standards for endodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontology, prosthodontics, verbal medicine, and ubiquitous use residency.

Established in 1975, CODA serves a open by establishing, progressing and applying

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Sedation dentistry can ease fear in immature patients

Trips to a handling room are not always for surgery, damaged skeleton and stitches. Sometimes they are a best choice for diagnosis or caring of teeth and mouth problems. Some dental procedures can be unpleasant or frightening for children, either they are for dental decay, infection or injuries to a mouth. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can assuage both a fear and annoy of many procedures.

Recent reports from a Center for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health prove that dental spoil is on a arise in children ages 2 by 19.

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Donna Solomon, DVM: Dentistry by the Non-Professional

Would you ever allow your hair stylist to clean your teeth?
Well, that’s what I think when I hear groomers or self-proclaimed animal experts profess to be able to “clean” your pet’s teeth. These services from non-professionals are frequently referred to as “Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings.” The truth is, a groomer or anyone for that matter who advertises or solicits you to clean your pet’s teeth without anesthesia is doing a disservice to you and your pet.

And now, I’d like to strongly defend my position.

First, these individuals are not medically trained to recognize pathology and treat diseases of the oral cavity. Just removing the superficial tarter or calculus on the teeth is strictly cosmetic. Sure, to the untrained eye the teeth may look “pretty,” but they may not be healthy, and this may give you, the pet owner, the false sense of security that your pet’s oral cavity is free of disease and pain.

Did you know that more than 70 percent of dental pathology occurs beneath the gum line and is never addressed by these unlicensed “dentists?” By not addressing this pathology, your pet’s health could be in jeopardy. Chronic dental disease can aggravate heart, kidney and liver disease. What’s more, chronic dental disease is painful and will frequently adversely affect your pet’s appetite and general well being.

My second argument: “Cleaning the teeth” or “removing the tarter” is accomplished by using an ultrasonic power scaler and sharp hand held instruments. Even a slight head movement by the pet could result in injury to their gums, and in self defense, the pet may bite the operator. (And rightly so!) Are you 100 percent confidant that your pet wouldn’t squirm even in the slightest if a total stranger came at her mouth with a sharp steel stick? I’ve heard horror stories from clients having their pets being restrained inhumanely just to get the “last bit of tarter” off the tooth. I’ve seen gums bruised and lacerated by non-professionals wielding dental scalers. This is, at least, an inhumane procedure to perform on our pets and at most a form of animal abuse.

Finally, a complete oral examination is an essential part of any professional dental cleaning procedure. This examination can only be performed by a medical professional that is trained to recognize and treat pathology in the oral cavity. And this just can’t be fully performed in an unanesthetized pet. The surfaces of the teeth facing the tongue can’t be examined nor can the teeth be properly probed with an instrument to assess for gingival pockets and oral pathology in an awake animal. Dental radiographs cannot be taken and thus, root pathology can not be visualized and addressed in the awake pet.

When we go to our dentist, we reluctantly, but obediently, open our mouths. But our pets don’t!

We wince when the dentist probes a painful area — but we do not thrash around in the chair and try to bite the dentist. But our pets do!

Imagine if you go to your dentist, he haphazardly brushes your teeth and then sends you out the door without any information regarding the health of your mouth. I believe nothing was accomplished in that situation and that dentist would be liable for practicing substandard dentistry. Well, that’s what it’s like when you have a non-veterinarian addressing your pet’s dental health.

I understand that people are afraid of anesthesia. I’m afraid of anesthesia, but I use it wisely and carefully every day. Fear does not give us the right to subject our pets to substandard care and potential injury by withholding anesthesia and subjecting them to “dental cleaning” by non-professionals. Today, with our modern medicine and sophisticated monitoring equipment, anesthesia has minimal risks to your healthy pet.

Choose the right veterinarian who practices quality dental care with anesthesia, and you and your pet will be happy.

Be a compassionate and a smart pet owner. And don’t ever let a stylist do a dentist’s job.

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Fire Damages South Sacramento Dental Office

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A two-alarm glow pennyless out during south Sacramento dental bureau on Tuesday night.

The glow started during a Western Dental bureau during 4401 Florin Road shortly after 8 p.m. The dental bureau is opposite from a Southgate Plaza Shopping Center.

Sacramento City firefighters fast responded and put out a blaze.

No one was injured. The means of a glow is underneath investigation. A repairs guess wasn’t immediately available.

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Crews extinguish glow during Sacramento dentist office



SOUTH SACRAMENTO, CA – Crews battled a 2-alarm glow during a Sacramento dental bureau Tuesday night.

Sacramento City Firefighters responded to a Western Dental Office during 4401 Florin Road after receiving mixed calls around 8:40 p.m.

Heavy fume and abandon were manifest from a building.

A firefighter partially fell thru a roof, and opportunely was not injured.

It’s misleading what started a fire, though investigators trust a fire

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South Sacramento Dental Office Catches Fire

A Western Dental bureau in south Sacramento held glow Tuesday evening.

Investigators aren’t certain what caused a glow on a dilemma of Florin Road and Bowling Green Drive, though contend a inside of a building was badly shop-worn by smoke. No one was hurt.

The glow started around 8 p.m., about an hour after a bureau closed. Investigators are operative to figure out how a glow started.

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City Council: Dental use entrance downtown

A new dental bureau entrance to downtown Jacksonville is receiving some financial assistance from taxation increment financing dollars.

The City Council authorized a extend for that plan and also discussed a low bid for electrical aggregation, changes to Nichols Park Pool let rates and new desolation to a Community Park bandstands.

Matt Lynch is relocating brazen with vital renovations to a skill during 53 South Central Park in a downtown block for a new dental office.

On Monday a legislature authorized a $52,500 TIF account extend for a project, that represents about 25 percent of a sum plan cost. In addition, a city

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Florin Road dental bureau shop-worn in two-alarm fire

A two-alarm glow reported this dusk caused endless fume repairs to a Western Dental building in a Florin area.

Assistant Chief Niko King of a Sacramento Fire Department pronounced a glow started and was mostly cramped to a diagnosis room on a initial building of a two-story building during 4401 Florin Road, only easterly of Franklin Boulevard. He pronounced a room was on a west side of a building and a glow burnt mostly in a area of a dental chair and surrounding equipment.

King pronounced about 55 firefighters responded to a call and

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Health In Reach Merges With PriceDoc to Create Nationwide Doctor Referral Marketplace Offering Savings on Dental …

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire -05/15/12)-
Health In Reach Inc. today announced that it has merged with PriceDoc Inc., expanding the company’s unique marketplace for consumers who seek to control their healthcare costs. The combined company will operate as Health In Reach and Scott Sangster will continue as CEO.

Faced with increasing out-of-pocket healthcare costs, consumers want greater insight into their options and fees for medical services. The combination of Health In Reach and PriceDoc now allows consumers to take control of their out-of-pocket expenses by providing a single destination where they can research the costs of specific medical and dental procedures, save up to 50 percent or more on service fees, and conveniently schedule appointments online.

Today, more than 130 million Americans do not have dental insurance and pay billions of dollars out-of-pocket without knowing the prices in advance or having the ability to comparison shop.

“The promise of consumer-directed healthcare starts with an empowered consumer. The marriage of Health in Reach and PriceDoc is a perfect fit because we share the same mission — to help consumers become more proactive in their medical decisions,” said Scott Sangster, founder and CEO of Health in Reach. “When people go to the doctor or dentist, they rarely know how much the treatment will cost, or what’s included, until after their appointment when the bill arrives. By preventing surprises, we believe people become confident enough to visit doctors more often, which improves patient care.”

Health In Reach now offers more than 1.6 million appointments available every month. The site also offers descriptions and prices for nearly 50,000 specific procedures. Consumers can easily schedule appointments online through Health In Reach, receive appointment reminders, and lock-in fee discounts before they arrive at the doctor’s office.

“Health In Reach is addressing the lack of consumer confidence and affordability prevalent in our current healthcare system, which is a major market problem,” said Halle Tecco, CEO of Rock Health, the San Francisco-based digital health startup accelerator sponsored by partners including the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, UCSF, Accel Partners, NEA, Nike and Mohr Davidow.

From the Health In Reach website, consumers can search a proprietary database of medical, dental and vision providers around the country, and using its patented technology, can find and schedule the providers who best match their criteria. After an appointment, users can leave reviews and other comments about their experience.

“We loved what Health In Reach had accomplished and this merger gives us the opportunity to accelerate growth at a national scale,” said William Chadwick, Chairman of PriceDoc. “Together we provide services that benefit both consumers and doctors in today’s ever-changing healthcare market.” Mr. Chadwick is joining the Board of Health In Reach.

Together, Health In Reach and PriceDoc have raised over $6 million from investors.

About Health in Reach
Health In Reach offers a nationwide dentist and doctor marketplace connecting consumers and healthcare providers. Consumers access descriptions and prices for nearly 50,000 specific procedures, save up to 50% or more on service fees when paying out of pocket, and schedule appointments online instantly and securely. Health In Reach was founded in 2009 and in 2011 was selected as one of the inaugural companies for Rock Health’s startup accelerator program. For more information, visit

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