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FBI visits Newton Middle School to talk to kids

Growing up in Pico Rivera, Steve Gomez never thought he’d travel the world hunting terrorists and drug dealers, but that’s exactly what he does as Special Agent in charge of counterterrorism at the FBI’s Los Angeles office.

Gomez shared his fascinating stories with eighth-grade students during career day at Newton Middle School in Hacienda Heights.

The affable agent said he got into law enforcement after being accosted by a gang member in school.

“I grew up in Pico Rivera where there were a lot of gangs. One day, a rival gang came to our school looking for a certain guy,” Gomez recalled.

“They asked us if we knew where he was, but we didn’t know. So he put a gun in our faces and asked if we remembered

now,” the FBI agent remembered. “Fortunately, they later ran away, but it was a shocking experience in the eighth grade. That’s why I became a law enforcement officer.”

Gomez ended up working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has traveled around the world investigating crimes against U.S. citizens.

“I worked on the team investigating al-Qaida in Los Angeles before transferring to the St. Louis office,” he related. “Then I worked in Washington, D.C., before moving back to the L.A. office.”

He pointed out the FBI works around the world, using India as an example.

“Say your father was working for the Dreamworks office in India and was kidnapped. We would work with the Indian government to investigate,”

Gomez explained.

He says he has been all over the country on drug cases. The special agent talked about a local drug trafficker.

Listening in on calls through a wiretap, the FBI learned he was sending some drugs to Cleveland. The agents tracked him to the Ontario Airport via a tracking device on his car.

“The guy gets out of his car with a big, huge suitcase. He meets a girl and she checks it in for a flight to Chicago, then connecting to Cleveland,” Gomez recalled.

“My boss told me to get on the flight even though I’m wearing sandals with no socks. I had to get on the plane because I’m the only one who knows what the girl looks like,” he continued. “I couldn’t even tell my family I was flying to Chicago at 10 p.m.”

A team of FBI agents met me and we arrested the woman with the drugs. We also got the drug trafficker in Los Angeles.

“We go where ever we have to, it’s very exciting. I get to travel all over the country and world for the government,” Gomez concluded.

Other career day speakers included a real estate investor, lab technician, dentist, superior court judge, solar engineer, district attorney, retired Air Force colonel and architect.

The Newton eighth-graders all had their favorite speakers.

“I liked the Starbucks manager, she told us that we had to get a good education to run a Starbucks,” said 13-year-old Alexis Perez.

“I liked Gino Kwok, who talked about being a trial attorney. He worked with the NBA and knows many basketball players,” exclaimed 13-year-old David Benavidez.

Classmate Marvin Navariete enjoyed learning about CPR from trainer Susanne Dean. The 13-year-old points out that learning CPR could save someone’s life.

“I enjoyed LAPD Capt. Peter Whittingham, who talked about growing up poor in Jamaica. Then he moved to America, where he became a police officer,” said David Beliakoff. “He’s inspiring because policemen save lives.”

Whittingham said he originally wanted to be an architect and studied that in school. His first job was as an architectural draftsman.

“Besides, I wasn’t tall enough because you had to be 5 feet 9 inches tall to become a policeman in Jamaica,” the police captain recalled. “Later, I shot up over three years and ended up 6 feet 2 inches tall.”

“Have you ever used your gun?” a Newton student asked.

The LAPD officer noted that lots of officers serve 30 to 40 years without ever using their weapons.

“I had to use mine once,” Whittingham said.

The police officer also explained the use of K-9 and special tactical units. Several students raised their hands when Whittingham asked if anyone wanted to got into law enforcement.

A couple classrooms down, Samantha Wolsky was discussing her work as a marriage and family therapist. Wolsky talked about healthy ways to deal with anger.

“We all get angry at times, so it’s important to deal with it in healthy ways,” the therapist suggested. “Some people listen to music, some people write down their feelings. Exercise helps.”

When asked about her most bizarre cases, Wolsky explained she handles lots of cases with drug addicts.

“I see people messing with drugs and it really messes their minds up,” Wolsky warned. “It’s really sad.”

Still, the therapist said she enjoys her job because she likes helping people.

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Remember Tooth-Friendly Foods During National Nutrition Month, Says San Antonio Cosmetic Dentist Edward Camacho

During National Nutrition Month in March, people should remember that good eating habits not usually assistance say correct weight and healthy hearts, though also assistance a health of your teeth, according to San Antonio cosmetic dentist Edward Camacho.

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) Feb 29, 2012

During National Nutrition Month in March, people should remember that good eating habits not usually assistance say correct weight and healthy hearts, though also assistance a health of your teeth, according to San Antonio cosmetic dentist Edward Camacho.

National Nutrition

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State-of-the-Art Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center Opens in a Orlando Area

ORLANDO, Fla., Mar 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Smile Expressions Family Dentistry opens a newest high tech oral surgery dental implant bureau in a Orlando area. Dental implants are customarily a best resolution for blank teeth. Because dental implants demeanour and duty like healthy teeth, patients can grin with confidence, and eat and splash normally. Due to a initial responsibility of dental implants many patients opt to not reinstate blank teeth. They finish adult with dentures or not replacing their blank teeth that can means other verbal health issues and discomfort. It will

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Event Offers Free Dental Work To Area Children

Ashburn Children’s Dentistry will horde Dentistry From
The Heart, providing some-more than 100 children with giveaway dental care
Saturday, Mar 17.

One hundred children in Loudoun County ages 1-18 will receive
dental services during a Dentistry from a Heart (DFTH) eventuality hosted
by Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru, Dr. Anh Dang, Dr. Rishita Jaju and Dr.
Patricia Wood. The giveaway dental caring eventuality will take place at
Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, located during 44025 Pipeline Plaza,
Suite 225 in Ashburn.

The group of dental professionals will yield a initial 100
pediatric patients with a giveaway extraction, stuffing or cleaning.
There will also be several hygienists,

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Tending to Business: Feiler Dental

Where dentistry is all about a patient

Feiler Dental is located during 1060 Main St. in River Edge.

Dentistry is about assisting people for Dr. Kenneth Feiler of Feiler Dental in River Edge.

“The many rewarding thing for me is when someone has a problem and we can assistance solve it,” he said.

Feiler warranted his DMD during Fairleigh Dickinson

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