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Bronze medals for U20 boys

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


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Posted 1 day ago

Kincardine Dentistry U20 Boys – Bronze Medal

Kincardine Dentistry U20 boys are bronze medal winners this past week, after their triumph on the pitch at their year end tournament.

Sunday’s year end tournament (Aug. 28) was a great way to end a season. The first game of the morning resulted in a disappointing loss (3-0) to Saugeen Shores. The second contest against Tara produced a more favourable result. Despite the tenacity of the Tara side, Kincardine Dentistry prevailed for a 3-1 victory.

The most satisfying victory was the bronze medal game against Kincardine’s bitter rivals, Walkerton.

Walkerton scored the opening goal on an awkward bounce midway through the first half. Kincardine’s Jacob Siekierski evened the score before the half time mark.

In their frustration of not being able to intimidate the Kincardine side, their bully tactics resulted in a Walkerton player being red carded (suspension from tournament) for “intent to injure”. Two Walkerton fans were ejected from the grounds as the referee tried to maintain order and some sort of sportsmanlike atmosphere.

Having to play short-handed for the rest of the game, Walkerton was unable to keep up to the renewed vigor of the U20 boys. With only a minute remaining in the game, Jacob Siekierski scored his second goal of the game, to the loud cheers and jubilation of players, coaches and fans, with the bronze medal victory.

The team voted and presented awards to:

Jesse Chen for most sportsmanlike player.

Kent Bernath for most improved player.

Jordan Boyle for most valuable player.

A big congratulations to the Kincardine boys and a sincere thank you to the coaches, fans and sponsor of the Kincardine Dentistry U20 boys for a very rewarding season.



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Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry Practice on Latest Dental Implant Study and How to Choose a Right Dentist

According to a new statistic from a American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have mislaid during slightest one permanent tooth to an accident, resin disease, a unsuccessful base canal, or tooth decay. The investigate also reports that by age 74, 26% percent of adults have mislaid all their permanent teeth. Chicago make dentists during The Dental Implant Associates contend a hazard of tooth spoil and other dental complications creates selecting a right dentist for ubiquitous and cosmetic dentistry procedures needed for patients seeking a best formula and

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Pace Dentist Receives 2011 Mastership Award from a Academy of General Dentistry


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